Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tribute to my special Hearts

What I love most about Valentines Day is that although we do special things to celebrate, it doesn't feel that much different than any other day. It's not to say that everyday is a romantic blissful walk in the park, but everyday at our house love is expressed in ways that make me proud to be apart of my family. It's not uncommon for me to wake to the sound of laughter from my children or for my kids to come downstairs to a simple surprise that says I love you. It's not rare for my husband to help with the lunch dishes or for me to find a note that he has written to encourage me. No, not everyday s valentines day in our house. Most days include sweatpants, digging around for a lost shoe, and silly arguments about who said what. Our lives are far from perfect, but our days are filled with love. And who couldn't help but love these hearts that fill my home?

My Husband: Chris

He stole my heart around the time I turned 17 and has held it ever since with his committment to continue loving me in different ways with each new day. He is such a blessing to me in so many ways but lately he has been the ultimate source of comfort as we travel this rough and winding road together. Almost 6 years ago I vowed to stick with him through anything not knowing the craziness that would lie ahead. As I sat there on Monday at the hospital waiting to see if Jackson would tolerate sedation with his MRI and held his hand, I found myself thinking about how beautiful love can be. A love so deep can be so rare to find and how blessed I am to have found such an incredible hand to hold during the hardest time of my life.

My Daughter: Ava

She taught me to love in a whole new way when I held her for the first time. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She brings light and life into anything she does. She is as stubborn as I am and keeps me on my toes as I go about my day. There isn't a day that has passed that she hasn't brought laughter to our home and joy to my heart. She is as thoughtful and sweet as kids can come and all girl. From her headbands to high heels to dresses and sparkles, she is a whole breed of her own. She has taught me how to be persistent, to enjoy the simple things, and to dance like no one is watching. She has had to grow up fast in a lot of ways this last year and I am so proud of the gentle and supportive heart she has become.

My Son: Jackson

What else can I say about this little brave heart that I have been blessed with? He is the motivation behind so much of what I do and the constant reminder to me of how precious life is. He has forever changed my heart as I have tried my best to care for his. He has taught me about heartache, about fighting, and about gratitude. He is courageous, ambitious, and most of the time just as crazy as his daddy.   What a joy it is to watch him grow and see his life touch so many others as we all watch his story unfold. There is no word special enough to touch on just who he is, but hands down he is my hero!

I pray that as I take today to just simply celebrate the incredible hearts that I have been blessed with that all of you take the time to do it too! Life is filled with ups and downs, but find a way everyday to appreciate the hearts that beat in your life. Love is a beautiful journey....take the ones around you on yours and embrace all the imperfect moments as a challenge to hold on a bit tighter!!


  1. You are wise beyond your years....well stated! Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Your family is amazing! I always love reading your posts. You should share this one at the February Family Challenge here: Just click on the button that says add your link and enter the URL of the post (Not your home page).