Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank you for your support

As most of you know last Wednesday our car was stolen. After getting things settled with the police and insurance here is what we know so far:

1) The insurance company has to almost treat you like the theif to get all their information. God bless my husband as he tried to keep his cool while being treated like a criminal. After they ruled that out, they informed us that they need to wait for 20 days while the police try to turn it up before they can classify it as a loss. Then they will cover the vehicle. They will minus our deductible and try to get us a decent price for it.... I have a feeling I might have some negotiatng ahead of me ( :

2) Our car insurance will not cover anything in the vehicle because that is seen as personal property. We have checked with our renters insurance and unfortanatley there was miscommunication in the plan we had. We had gotten the policy thru our complex and got the required amounts but it turns out it is just liability insurance which doesn not include personal property.

Thankfully our car was not filled with valuables which is why we have wondered the reasosn the theives chose our car. It was however holding our 2 carseats. If you know me, you know car safety is something that is a passionate subject. I researched for months with each of our kids car seats before we bought some of the best. I am so sad to see them go, but at least my kids weren't in the seats too ( :

We have had several people ask about helping us replace our car seats and wondering how to help. If that is something you would like to be part of, the easiest way is to hit the donate button on the right hand side of our blog. Thankfully we have a wonderful friend who is letting us use her car seats from her children that have outgrown them for now. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of support and concern as we face another road block in our journey. We are constantly encouraged by people asking how to help, what they can do, and how they can pray. In the midst of uncertainty, we are forever changed by our unchanging God. He is so good to us and we are determined to produce good fruit out of this unfortunate situation. Thank you to everyone who is trudging along with us!! Day after day we find hope because we know we serve a God much bigger than our current circumstances!

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