Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011 (Day 87) Hard Goodbyes

Such a fun and restful weekend we had in Houston as Chris was able to make his way down to us. Chris arrived late on Friday night to Ava and I jumping up and down as we greeted him at the apartment. We spent the weekend doing some light shopping, eating out together, and Chris took Ava to the Gulf Coast for a bit on Sunday for some ocean fun. We found ourselves laughing, joking with one another, and enjoying the unified time we had together. All this while dreading his Sunday night departure.
Ava & Chris at the beach 8/14/2011

We finished up our time together eating some great pizza at BJ's where Ava was at her funniest. She had us tearing up with laughter as she creatively came up with new phrases, quoted from movies, and played pretend voices with her stuffed animals at the table. We returned back to the apartment and dug out some stuff for Jackson, one of which being a baby carrier. Chris & Ava being goofy raced around the house with her in it. She sat completley in the wrong position but squealed with delight as Chris galloped around. That joyful sound of laughter was music to my ears as I watched them just being able to enjoy the last of their time together for the week.
Just for laughs.... Ava sitting crazy in an infant carrier! 8/14/2011

Chris laid Ava to bed and with no surprise came out with misty eyes. We sat and talked for a bit, but with 10:00 rolling around we knew it was time to say goodbye. We hugged for a long time and I held it together better than I thought. It wasn't until I watched him wheel his suitcase away from me that the tears began to flood down my cheeks. Another week ahead without seeing him. More doctors appointments without his hand to hold and his smile to reassure me that it is all going to be ok. Oh, Lord I am so glad that we can fight for Jackson, but I just wish we could all do it together. I have realized that I am just no good without my better half. But, we know the sacrafice is worth every bit of the heartache. So with hard goodbyes tonight and in the weeks ahead, we push forward because we know that with every lonesome night we are one step closer to our family of four!


  1. What a precious post, praying for you all. Blessings. Brenda

  2. You guys are in our prayers and we love you guys!!

  3. I totally understand how heartbreaking that it must be not to have your hubby around. I get all mopey if I am away from my hunnie more than a day. It's amazing watching the example of Biblical womanhood you are developing into. Maybe in this season God has separated you and Chris so you can become even more dependent on Christ... The One who will NEVER leave you or forsake you and your true Better Half. You are loved Kathryn and we all are praying for you and are fighting with you in spirit. Loves!

  4. Beautiful pictures of your hubby and darling girl. Thank you for sharing you heart with us Kathryn.