Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 (Day 81) Houston Here we come!

When we found out about Jackson’s heart, we knew we needed a miracle… well, in fact we needed several. From the moment we came home from the doctor’s office we began researching miracle heart stories and facilities that offered that specialized care for our very unique situation. It came down to Philadelphia, Boston, Stanford, or Houston. We spent hundreds of hours researching the different facilities, doctors, statistics, and stories. We thought the most logical thing would be to start with Houston since it is the closest to us and then go from there if needed. Texas Children’s Hospital is ranked #3 in Pediatric Cardiac Care and also the largest free standing hospital in the country. From our very first appointment, we knew we hit pure gold. We prayed that we would not only find a staff of medically gifted doctors, but that they would also fight for Jackson as hard as we were. Prayers Answered! Next in line behind our family, this staff loves Jackson already!

So, it was settled, Houston was the place for us. But then what? How does that all work? When do we move, how do we move, how can we afford to move? All the questions flooded in and one by one they have been answered. Today, August 8th, we are making the move. After 81 days of praying through the details, planning like crazy, and watching God answer prayers, we have made it to this point.

Initially the doctors thought that Jackson’s heart would fail at about 27-29 weeks.  Here I am, bags packed by the door, going on 35 weeks pregnant, and ready to go. I didn’t know that it would be this difficult or emotionally draining, but what I do know is that I would have it no other way. A special heart requires a special love and that is exactly what I want to give my son everyday for the rest of his life. So with a heavy heart I kissed my husband goodbye this morning as he pulled off to work and just purposed in my heart that I am fully committing to fight the fight!

Over the next month I will be at multiple doctors visits each week as they constantly watch Jackson’s heart to see how it is holding up. I have my hospital bag packed so we are ready whenever they say “now”. If he waits like a good boy, we will deliver him on September 7th. Either way, in less than a month, we will finally get to put a face to all the love and prayers. With so much unknown and so many emotions flying around I am finishing the final walk through of the house to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. It grieves my heart to separate our family during this time, but with each new day I have seen the three of us continually getting stronger. God’s grace has been and will continue to be sufficient for each new day ahead.

The doctors can only diagnosis, but they don’t know my God! So, here we go; another adventure, another chapter as we get closer to meeting our little boy. So as I close the door to my house I think to myself, “See you soon home sweet home. Next time I see you I will be carrying baby Jackson through your doors. What a day that will be!”


  1. Kathryn, your blog and faith have been so inspiring to me! Praying so much for peace, comfort, and surprising joys as you head to Houston!

  2. Crying. I know this will be a beautiful journey that you will look back at - a few years down the road - and say, I wouldn't have it any other way. Actually, seems like you already know that.

    You have been chosen, by God, to bring this precious little man into the world to teach as many people to praise God and love entirely, with their whole heart.

    I am here if you need me!

    All I could say to people at this point, was "Please pray for us. Please pray HARD for us. That is the best way you can help right now."

    I really hope that someday, when Jackson is a little older, you can present this blog to a publishing company as a book and make all your medical bill money back (secret wish)! You have a talent for writing.

    Lot's of love and support from Chloe and her Mommy!